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The Autistic Fraternal Twins Resource Center is a source of accurate, reliable information about research related to terbutaline sulfate and Autism Spectrum Disorders.

Cappolino | Dodd | Krebs LLP sponsors this site as a public service to anyone seeking information about the use of terbutaline to treat preterm labor and the subsequent birth of children diagnosed with ASD.

Our attorneys have visited with parents and their autistic children and understand how a diagnosis of autism can change family dynamics, as well as leave parents struggling with a range of conflicting emotions. Often, families simply want answers. But the answers they seek are found mostly in peer-reviewed research written by academicians for academicians.

Cappolino | Dodd | Krebs LLP has teamed with a health writer who earned her Master’s of Public Health in 2009. Marilyn K. Hauk, MPH, writes for the Articles section, providing factual information written in non-technical language. Ryan Krebs, an attorney who also is a medical doctor, reviews that content for accuracy and clarity. The Analysis section provides perspective that represents the collective opinion of our attorneys.

The site accepts no outside advertisement. The firm does, however, offer a free case review to a parent or guardian of fraternal multiples diagnosed with ASD after their subsequent birth from a mother who received terbutaline for 48 hours or longer.

Our attorneys have more than a century of combined experience, specializing in cases involving birth trauma and brain injury. They want to help you collect commensurate compensation to cover the substantial costs associated with raising autistic children into adulthood and caring for them throughout their lives.

The FDA approved terbutaline in 1974 for the treatment of asthma, but the drug became widely used to halt the contractions of pre-term labor. Drug manufacturers offered no warning to physicians or parents about this lack of testing or the drug’s potential to harm to the mother and/or child.

By holding drug manufacturers accountable, we send a message that drugs administered to pregnant women must be specifically tested and approved for that purpose – and that the health and safety of the mother and children she carries must have a higher priority than profits.

To request a free consultation, call 1-800-460-0606, or complete and submit a request for a case review at no charge. No fees up front; you pay only if we ultimately settle or win.


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