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Marilyn K. Hauk is an award-winning health writer who also holds a Master of Public Health degree. She oversees the content of the site and the maintains a repository of information based on peer-reviewed studies. Marilyn is a former project manager for the custom publishing arm of Meredith Corp., which publishes Better Homes and Gardens, and a former writer for Mind and Body, a Des Moines Register health publication. She earned her MPH in 2009.

Ryan Krebs, MD, JD, is a birth trauma lawyer who also is a doctor. His expertise in both medicine and law make him specially qualified to review the contents of this site for accuracy, as well as helping put that information into context. Krebs understands the emotional upheaval that parents face when caring for children with special needs. He is committed to helping families receive compensation to pay for the special services required by children with special needs.

Dodd photo.B&W. HEADRichard A. Dodd, LP, witnessed injustices early in life – an experience that motivated him to pursue a legal career and acquire the best possible strategies to help people hurt by the negligence or indifference of others. Much of his career has focused on birth injury and head trauma. Dodd recognizes circumstances vary from family to family. He places a high priority on respecting a client’s emotional state and proceeding accordingly.

Richard Stone, a former newspaper publisher, is media director for Cappolino | Dodd | Krebs LLP. Stone serves as Webmaster.




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